#Cowboys WR Dennis Houston "Known Unknown" | UDFA Review

#Cowboys WR Dennis Houston "Known Unknown" | UDFA Review

Dennis Houston Observation  

Has long arms to stiff-arm defensive backs in the open field. Willing to lower his pads to run through tackles for extra yardage. Goes over the middle, can spin out of tackles, and take the big hit. He catches the ball with his large, soft hands and is tough. Deceptive jets and a smooth route runner.

  Often used on deep routes, getting separation down the sideline or over the middle on crossing routes by extending his arms rather than pure speed. Very soft, natural hands to cleanly catch away from his frame. Concentration is excellent. Has the lateral agility and strength to get into and out of routes smoothly. Goes up high for jump balls. Good flexibility and reach to snatch back-shoulder throws. Has a knack for getting open and is a quarterback's best friend - passers just need to toss the ball in his area and he'll come down with it...

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