Cowboys mid-season draft class grades

Cowboys mid-season draft class grades

Cowboys mid-season draft class grades

#Cowboys Here is my guy Defy Talk Cowboys mid-season draft class grades that are based on impact, value, and context like snaps played. Explanations below:

Tyler Smith (A): Not enough good things to say. Proven he’s the future at LT despite plugging in just a week before the season started. Not a perfect player, but he’s improving weekly

Sam Williams (B): Sam Williams is an A as a player but he’s given 8-15 snaps a game. The fact the Cowboys drafted a guy in round 2 that they didn’t plan to give snaps when we had several positions of need is frustrating, but Sam as a player more than makes up for it. Similar to Tyler Smith, Sam has proven he’s the future and I have no doubt that by 2023 this will be at least an A.

Jalen Tolbert (D-): By far the most disappointing pick to me. Tolbert needs to get it together soon because the Cowboys didn’t hesitate to attempt trading a day 2 pick for Brandin Cooks so don’t be shocked if they take a receiver within the first 3 rounds next year. Tolbert was supposed to have the highest floor among all our draft picks, but now coping cowboys fans are slapping the “developmental” tag onto him. He still has time to flash/impress, but James Washington and Simi Fehoko return soon along with Noah Brown being healthy so Tolbert’s opportunities will just go down and down if he doesn’t show SOMETHING.

Jake Ferguson (B): Great value for a future starter and elite blocker. I’m not using the term “elite” lightly when I talk about Ferguson’s blocking either, he is genuinely a tier 1 run blocker and has been responsible for a good portion of chunk plays between Zeke and TP. Ferguson is also really good after the catch, just needs more opportunities as a pass catcher and this grade will go up in no time.

Daron Bland (B): Once again, great value. Bland took over Kelvin Joseph as a 5th-round pick with 0 expectations. The same Kelvin Joseph that flashed in 2021 and many expected to take over CB2. I wouldn’t mind if this was a TBD for some of you, but Bland has just been so solid when he’s gotten his chances.

John Ridgeway (F): Nice job by the front office to waive a promising rookie run stopper at a position that needs better run stoppers

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