#Cowboys Dak Prescott Workout With Private QB Coach John Beck ▶

#Cowboys Dak Prescott Workout With Private QB Coach John Beck ▶

Prescott will be entering his seventh season as the starter in Dallas. The work he puts in between now and training camp, though, is all on him. Prescott asked Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy during the team’s exit interviews last month about the offseason quarterback program McCarthy used to run in Green Bay. McCarthy isn’t allowed to run the same kind of sessions now under the league’s current collective bargaining agreement, but Prescott says he plans to take a version of McCarthy’s “quarterback school” to his personal coach, John Beck of 3DQB. “I can go simulate that, in a sense, in my way of training,” Prescott told USA TODAY Sports. “Knowing the drills we’ve done all year long in quarterback and individuals [work in practice], and just taking those now and going out and working with John or other quarterbacks. When the coaches aren’t around, coaching myself and the other guys and being hard on myself as if it was the quarterback school.” A former quarterback with four NFL squads and now a specialist who works privately with several of the league’s passers, Beck was the man behind Prescott’s pregame warmup routine that went viral for a time. The work he did with Prescott on his mechanics seemed to significantly improve Prescott’s game. But Prescott lost access to Beck during the 2021 season, right when he could have used that extra coaching the most. 

 “This is the first year I could say in my time that this much has stayed the same, this much continuity,” Prescott said. “We had a lot of carryover in coaches and staff. Obviously, we’ll lose some players, but just the young guys and what we’ve built, this thing does roll over one year from another when you have the culture that we do. It’s going to be exciting next year. Looking forward to having a full offseason of just growth and work, obviously coming into it healthy- or healthy for the most part. It’s going to be huge. I’m excited for it.”

- Todd Brock 

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